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Wildland Fire Decision Support System

Welcome to the Wildland Fire Decision Support System (WFDSS)!

Note: WFDSS now uses a new login process called FAMAuth. Refer to the WFDSS FamAuth Migration FAQ for more information.

An effort to update WFDSS is underway. Over the next few years we will be building a new user interface and updating underlying system architecture to incorporate new technology available since WFDSS was first built in 2007. To keep up with this effort and provide your feedback on pain points and issues you have experienced with the current WFDSS system and what improvements could be made in the next version of WFDSS, check out the Next Generation WFDSS section on the RD&A site for more information.

Note: Click WFDSS Known Issues to see the list of the most current issues and suggested workarounds for WFDSS.

This system assists fire managers and analysts in making strategic and tactical decisions for fire incidents. It has replaced the WFSA (Wildland Fire Situation Analysis), Wildland Fire Implementation Plan (WFIP), and Long-Term Implementation Plan (LTIP) processes with a single process that is easier to use, more intuitive, linear, scalable, and progressively responsive to changing fire complexity.

WFDSS integrates the various applications used to manage incidents into a single system, which streamlines the analysis and reporting processes.

WFDSS provides the following advantages over previous systems:

Before you log into WFDSS, make sure you read and understand the system Rules of Behavior.

WFDSS follows an analytic deliberative process for decision making. The following graphic displays this process. Click here for further information.

Figure 1: Risk Informed Decision Process and WFDSS

Risk Informed Decision Process and WFDSS

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