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4.12 Release - IRWIN Integration 4.13 Release Adds Hauling Charts and NTFB Animated KMZs

Release 4.12 deployed on Training 3/17/2014 and to Production 3/18/2014

Release 4.13 will be deployed on Training 5/14/2014 and to Production 5/15/2014.

NOTE: Release 4.12 focused on functionality related to the WFDSS integration with IRWIN. and contained no user visible functionality or enhancements. When the Integrated Reporting of Wildland-Fire Information (iRWIn) program is available, it will populate incident data automatically into WFDSS, disabling some incident entry fields in the WFDSS application. At that time, administrative units should not create incidents in Production that have already been entered into a Computer Aided Dispatch system (such as WildCAD 6) or the 209 system. WildCAD 5 will still require batch uploads.

New Functionality and Enhancements



Hauling Charts

  • You can now create base image versions of linear and logarithmic scale hauling charts in BFB and STFB reports. Hauling charts are available from map pages. Each hauling chart includes a legend and the ability to switch from linear to logarithmic charts using a hyperlink on the legend page.

NTFB Animated KMZs

  • From the Analysis List,Fire Behavior Specialists or Super Analysts can generate animated KMZs for NTFB analyses.

Incident Summary Report

  • You can now filter information for this report by agency.
  • A new Geographic Area unit report summarizes incident information for each unit that has one or more published decisions within the Geographic Area. You can also filter this report by agency.

M.A.P Shapes Download

  • Users who are in the Incident contact list can now download multiple M.A.P.s at once. This feature is available on the M.A.P. page.

SCI Models

  • SCI regression models are updated and include, with the exception of the USFS, models for Alaska.

Dashboard now Incident Risk Console (RisC)

  • The WFDSS Dashboard is now called the Incident Risk Console (RisC). The website and online help documentation reflect this change.

North Arrow Display

  • A north arrow display on map images.

Groups tab renamed Incident Groups

  • The Groups tab is now called the Incident Groups tab. The same functionality is available from this tab.