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5.1 Release Centralizes Entering Cost Data

Release 5.1 deployed on Training 12/10/2014 and to Production 12/12/2014

New Functionality and Enhancements



Validation tab removed to simplify decision creation process


New Cost tab centralizes entering cost data

On the Cost tab, Incident Owners and/or Editors can:

  • Document the Estimated Final Cost of implementation for the incident, and
  • Document the Cost Estimation Method used, and
  • Create/Edit and Accept/Copy/Delete SCI runs.
  • The Estimated Final Cost is a required component of any decision and should be determined when you develop a COA.
  • See Estimating Final Cost for an Incident for further information.

Strategy Slider on the Course of Action page

  • The COA contains a Strategy slider bar to describe how the incident will be managed on the continuum from Monitor to Full Suppression. A comment box is provided to document an overarching 'umbrella statement' on the strategy from which subsequent detailed Courses of Action(s) are developed. See Completing a Course of Action for further information.

Landscape - LANDFIRE 2012 V1.3.0

  • The LANDFIRE 2012 1.3.0 data source is the latest version of data products from LANDFIRE that incorporate disturbances, management activities, and succession through 2012. See Landscape - LANDFIRE 2012 v1.3.0 for further information.

KBDI Adjusted LANDFIRE Layer

  • This layer is currently only available for fires with a point of origin in the Southeastern Geographic Area. Over time, additional Geographic Areas may receive a similar layer that applies fuel conversion rule sets based on a given weather variable. See KDBI Adjusted LANDFIRE Layer for further information.

Incident Notes

  • Incident Authors and Editors can enter incident notes for an incident at any time regardless of whether a decision has been created and/or is in the review process. See Adding Incident Notes for more information.

Situation Map

  • The Situation map now opens in a new window.

What is Skip to Content?

  • The Skip to Content feature was created to meet federal requirements for 508 compliance and accessibility. Using the Skip to Content option allows the screen reader to skip right to the primary fields of interest on that page. See What is Skip Content? for further information.