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To set up FMU or SO Codes:

  1. Choose Data Management > FMU/SO Codes. The FMU/SO Codes page appears.
  2. Select the Geographic Area, Agency, and Unit you want to enter FMU or SO Codes for. If FMU or SO Codes exist for the unit, they appear in the FMU/SO Codes List for the unit selected.
  3. Enter a FMU code.
  4. Enter a Description (e.g., Resource Objective).
  5. To activate the FMU Code, mark the Activate Now checkbox (you can activate the code later, if you prefer to do so).
  6. Click Add. The FMU Code with the description is added to the list.

Strategic objectives and management requirements can only be tied to FMU or SO Codes that have been activated.

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