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Setting up FMU or SO Codes

Each Unit chooses to use either FMU Codes or Strategic Objective (SO) Codes to indicate the general fire strategy for that part of the landscape. The type of Codes used depends on the Planning Process selected by the user at Data Management>FMU/SO Codes>Unit Selection> Planning Process; SO Codes are used with the Spatial Fire Planning Process. One or more FMU/SO Codes are drawn to cover the entire Unit, each with a unique name (e.g. "FMU 1", "Riparian Zone"). FMU/SO Codes can be non-contiguous, but cannot overlap. They provide a "container" where Strategic Objectives reside.   

FMU codes can be entered by the Data Manager as "text only" or submitted as shapefiles to the WFDSS Geospatial Team who must upload spatial FMU data. SO Codes must be submitted to the WFDSS Geospatial Team with the SO shapefiles. See the Home page under Data>WFDSS Geospatial Team Contacts to find out how and when to submit data.

You must have the Data Manager user role to manage FMU/SO Codes. Check your user roles by going to My Home>User Roles, or filter on Data Manager in the My Home>Address Book to find the Data Manager for your Unit.

Data Managers maintain FMU or SO Codes for their units and should consider the following:

CAUTION: Once the FMU or SO Code is activated, it can be deactivated or edited, but it can't be deleted. Be sure that your information is correct before you activate the FMU or SO code!

To set up FMU or SO codes:

  1. Choose Data Management > FMU/SO Codes. The FMU/SO Codes page appears.
  2. Select the Geographic Area, Agency, and Unit you want to enter FMU or SO Codes for. If FMU or SO Codes exist for the unit, they appear in the FMU/SO Codes List for the unit selected.
  3. Enter a FMU code.
  4. Enter a Description (e.g., Resource Objective).
  5. To activate the FMU Code, mark the Activate Now checkbox (you can activate the code later, if you prefer to do so).
  6. Click Add. The FMU Code with the description is added to the list.

Strategic objectives and management requirements can only be tied to FMU or SO Codes that have been activated.

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To set up FMU or SO Codes:

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