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WFDSS Basic Fire Behavior (BFB)

WFDSS Basic Fire Behavior (BFB) is designed to be used by Fire Behavior Specialists (FBS) and is a quick way to get "snapshot in time" fire behavior outputs for every cell on the user-defined landscape extent. BFB is very similar to the desktop application, FlamMap Basic, and can be thought of as a "spatial BehavePlus" providing fire behavior characteristics across a user-defined landscape.

Using weather data from a user-selected RAWS, the model calculates fuel moistures for every cell on the landscape. National Weather Service (NWS) Forecast Data (or user-provided forecast data) is also used in BFB to predict the following for one instant in time:


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In This Section

Fire Behavior Reference

BFB - What it is

BFB - What it needs (inputs)

BFB - What it does (outputs)

BFB - What it means (interpretation)

BFB Assumptions and Limitations

BFB - Why use it - (potential uses)

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FSPro Overview

FSPro - What it is and Why use it ?

FSPro Model Limitations

FSPro - the How

Interpreting FSPro Results


Field Descriptions

Glossary Resources

Spatial Data Reference

Landscape Data Source Reference

Relative Risk Reference

Organization Assessment Reference

Fire Behavior Reference

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