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To begin the review/approval process for a decision:

  1. Choose the Incident tab. The Incident List page appears.
  2. Select the incident and click View Information. The Edit Information page appears.
  3. Choose the Decisions tab. The Decisions List page appears.
  4. If the decision is ready for publishing, edits should be complete and each section of the decision should be checked in. If the pending decision or any section of the pending decision is assigned Being Edited status, contact the decision editor(s) to ensure that edits are complete, and then click Check In.
  5. Click Begin Review/Approval Process.
  6. Review who has reviewed the decision and when (if Reviewers have been assigned), and make note of who the Decision Approver(s) are, and then click Continue. This will lock the decision content and the reviewers/approvers will be notified via email to review or approve the decision. In addition, the pending decision is assigned Reviewable status in the decision list.

The incident owner can check the review and approval status by navigating to the Decisions tab, selecting the pending decision, and then clicking View Info.

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