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Reviewing a Decision

Incident Owners can designate decision Reviewers for each incident. A decision Reviewer is not required, and users assigned Reviewer privileges do not have to review a decision before it can be approved and published.

If you are designated as a decision Reviewer, you will receive an email when the decision is set to review. A Reviewer will not be able to access a decision for reviewing until they receive this automated email (which may take a few minutes from when a decision was submitted for review/approval). Until that point, the decision is not available for reviewing.

After opening the email, click the link in the email. Otherwise, you can navigate to the decision manually. If you choose to navigate to a decision manually, from the Decisions page you can access the content for reviewing in two ways. You can select the pending decision, and then:

Either option allows you to review decision content, but only the latter provides the option to Mark the Decision Reviewed or Reject the Decision.

CAUTION: If the Incident Owner has a designated Reviewer(s), and even one Reviewer Returns the Decision for Edits, then the Incident Owner must correct the problem and re-submit the decision for review.

To review a decision:

  1. Navigate to the incident decision you need to review in one of two ways:
    • Click the link provided in your notification email > login to WFDSS > select the pending decision. Proceed to step 3.
    • Login to WFDSS > Incidents > select incident > View Information > Decisions > select the pending decision. Proceed to step 2
  2. Click Review/Approve Decision. The Pending Decision page appears.
  3. Review the decision content and determine whether or not you agree with the decision.
  4. If you agree with the contents of the decision, click Mark the Decision Reviewed. The Decision List page reappears, as does a message appears saying that the pending decision was accepted.
  5. If you disagree, click Return for Edits. A comment dialog box appears.
    1. Enter your comments about why you are returning the decision for edits. Be specific and tell the Author/Incident Owner what they need to do to fix the decision content.
    2. Click Return for Edits. The Decision List page reappears, as does a message saying that the decision has been returned for edits.

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