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About the Advanced Decision Editor

If you choose to use the Advanced Decision Editor for decision editing, primary decision inputs must be developed within the incident perspective, using tabs (Assessment, Objectives, etc.) atop the page or menu options on the left. Additional content is added using the Text Editor, and by moving content from the Incident Content Tree to the Decision Content Tree. You can type text freely, to describe inputs in more depth, or describe the reasons why you developed a particular input (or chose not to for that matter). You can also add images or other items saved or uploaded to Incident Content. 

Although the Advanced Decision Editor contains the same decision sections as the Default Decision Editor, it provides advanced editing features not available in the Default Decision Editor, including the ability to:

To edit a decision with the Advanced Decision Editor, select Convert to Advanced on the Decision tab when all sections of a Pending Decision are Checked In.

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About the WFDSS Decision Editors

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About the WFDSS Decision Editors