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About the Decision Content Tree

The Decision Content Tree can be viewed by incident owners and editors when using the Advanced Decision Editor. Its located at the upper left of the Advanced Decision Editor when you are editing a pending decision and contains all content currently included in the pending decision. You can use the Text Editor to edit decision content, manually add content from the incident content tree or add text or other supportive information to relate incident events. When making edits to decision content, a pop-up dialog displays 3 minutes prior to a session timing out due to inactivity. Contents are auto-saved if changes were made.

The Decision Content Tree is delineated by sections of the pending decision:

From the Decisions page, you can select an entire decision for viewing or editing, or just a section, and the Decision Content Tree will contain only the content you’ve selected.

An Incident Owner or Editor can edit content in or add content to the Decision Content Tree until a decision has been submitted for review.

See WFDSS 101 Lesson 18 - The Decision Editor for further information about the role of the Decision Content Tree.



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