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About the Text Editor

The Text Editor, available only in the Advanced Decision Editor, is a powerful decision editing tool that allows incident owners and editors to:

The Default Decision Editor is more simplified in its approach, allowing edits but no options for modifying format or style. Adding content to a pending decision to help tie the sections of your decision together. Additional content can help you strengthen your decision document, describe your incident in greater detail, and/or justify choices you made in selecting inputs.

The text editor allows incident owners and editors to organize and format decision document so that anyone reviewing the content will be able to clearly understand its intent and content. When the published decision is downloaded, a reader unfamiliar with your incident should be able to understand why you chose a particular Course of Action (COA) and how it will achieve Incident Objectives.

After each addition or edit, make sure you click Save. You can add text and other types of content to pending decision content using the Insert WFDSS Content and the Cut, Copy and Paste tools on the Text Editor. A pop-up dialog displays 3 minutes prior to a session timing out. At that time, contents are auto-saved if any changes were made.

Note: It is easy to just exit the text editor without thinking about saving your changes. This is especially true when you are balancing multiple work priorities. If you have not saved your changes before exiting the text editor,the application brings up a message asking you to click OK to save your work. To exit the text editor without saving your work click Cancel.

Lesson 18 in the WFDSS 101 series contains additional information about the Text Editor and its tools.

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