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Decision Review and Approval

Once the minimum requirements of a WFDSS decision have been met, it can be submitted for review/approval. In this process, Incident Reviewers and Approvers can view the decision and perform the appropriate action.

Note: During the Review/Approval process, all incident content is locked. Once a decision is placed into Review/Approve mode, decision content may only be edited if the Reviewer or Approver returns it for editing. Additionally, edits made in other applications which exchange information with WFDSS through IRWIN will not appear in WFDSS while the decision is submitted for Review/Approval.

For a decision to be published, the following rules apply:

If any Reviewer or Approver returns the decision, the decision is not published and it returns to an editable state. The Incident Owner(s) or Editors must make the necessary changes before resubmitting it.

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