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Setting Intelligence Preferences

You can customize the Intelligence map defaults to display the information you need most.

There are two sections to the preferences page:

Area of Interest

The Area of Interest feature allows you to save a detailed location as the default view when you open the Intelligence Map. By default, the Area of Interest is set to the Geographic Area you selected in your Contact Information when you first created your WFDSS account. Changing the coordinates here changes that default location to one of your choosing.

Incident/Intelligence Filters

WFDSS allows you to create new incident/intelligence filters or apply incident/intelligence filters temporarily based on the following parameters:

Note: Any intelligence filters you set up are available for use with the intelligence map only. If you want to set up a similar filter for incidents or analyses, you must re-create the filter on the appropriate page.

Date Filters

Name Filters

Other Filters

Incident Authors

Incident Name

GA Editors, National Editors and users assigned the role of Feedback can develop and transfer filters to users, if needed.

Last updated on 9/16/2016 12:01:25 PM.

To set intelligence preferences:

  1. Login to the appropriate WFDSS application (Production or Training).
  2. Click the Intelligence tab > Menu subtab > Intelligence Prefs. The Intelligence Page Display Preferences page appears.
  3. Set the latitudes and longitudes for your area of interest. The defaults are based on the geographic area you selected in your contact information when you first created your WFDSS account.
  4. Click Save Area of Interest. The Intelligence map defaults to the selected area the next time the map loads.
  5. Select the intelligence filter you want to use as your default. If the existing filters don't work for what you need, create the filter first, then do step 6.
  6. Click Set as Default. The screen refreshes and a message appears stating that your selection was saved.

When you return to the map view, the map refreshes and displays according to the preferences you selected.

Last updated on 9/16/2016 12:01:25 PM.

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To set intelligence preferences:

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