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Copying a Shape

In addition to being able to draw or upload Incident and Analysis shapes, users can copy an existing shape when viewing the Analysis Map or the Situation Assessment Map, and save it as a different type of shape.

For example, users can choose to save a previously uploaded fire perimeter as an analysis ignition or vice versa, without having to upload the shape again.

To Copy a Shape:

  1. From the Analysis Map or the Situation Assessment Map, click the Map tab to view the LayerSwitcher.
  2. Click Plus icon to expand the Incident or Analysis Layers > locate the shape you would like to copy > click the checkbox beside it. The shape is now visible in the map display.
  3. Select the shape for copying in one of two ways:
    • Click Expand Banner icon beside the shape in the LayerSwitcher, and then select Arrow Icon beneath the shape name. The shape in the map display turns yellow.
    • Select Arrow Icon , then click on the shape in the map display. The shape will turn yellow.
  4. With the shape still yellow, identify the type of Incident or Analysis shape you'd like to save it as and then click the Green circle + symbol beside it. For example, if you want to save it as an Ignition File, select the Green circle + symbol beside Ignitions.
  5. Name the new shape.
  6. Click Save.

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