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Selecting Analysis Shapefiles from the Analysis Map

Fire Behavior Specialists can select an Ignition File and/or a Barrier File from within the LayerSwitcher in the Analysis Map. Selecting Shape Files from the LayerSwitcher is helpful because you can visually see which shape you are selecting and your selection is saved automatically. Clicking Save is not required as it is when you select Analysis Shape Files from the Model Information Menu Option.

Note: For each fire behavior analysis, you can select only one Ignition File and/or one Barrier File. For example, when you select the Ignition File and/or Barrier File from the Model Information Menu Option and then select another Ignition File and/or Barrier File from the Analysis Map for the same fire behavior analysis, the file(s) selected in the Analysis Map will override selections made in the Model Information Menu Option. These options provide flexibility for analysts to develop a workflow that works best for them when developing an analysis.

To Select Analysis Shapefiles from the Analysis Map:

  1. Choose one of the following methods for navigating to the Analysis Map:
    • From the Analysis List page, select the analysis that you want to select analysis shapefiles for > click View Information > click Analysis Map Menu Option.
    • From within the model, select the Analysis Map Menu Option.
  2. Click Plus icon to expand the Analysis Layers, and then click Plus icon to open Ignitions and/or Barriers.
  3. Locate the Ignition File or Barrier File you would like to select for your analysis, and then click Expand Banner icon beside it. You may have to expand the LayerSwitcher pane to see it.
  4. Select Linked PNG template . The hovertext reads "Select/Deselect this shape for the analysis." The shape is now selected for the analysis.

Caution: Ignition and Barrier File selections made in the LayerSwitcher will override Ignition and Barrier File Selections made on the Model Information page. Its good practice to ensure you have the the correct ignition file and barrier file selected on the Model Information page prior to initiating a run.

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