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Sending a Broadcast Message

Administrators can post messages to the entire WFDSS user community. These messages notify users of important information related to using WFDSS. Broadcast messages are used primarily for system-related information. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following:

The message appears at the top of the WFDSS page as soon as you save the message.

To send a broadcast message:

  1. Choose the Administration tab > Broadcast Message. The Broadcast System Message page appears.
  2. Type the message you want to broadcast to WFDSS users.
  3. Select the display frequiency.
    • Display Once to each user: The message appears one time.
    • Display continually to all users: The message appears continuously until the end date and time.
  4. Select the display type.
    • Display as informational message: The message appears in green at the top of each WFDSS page.
    • Display as warning: The message is preceded by "WARNING:" and appears in bright blue at the top of each WFDSS page until the end date and time.
  5. Select the end date and time. WFDSS displays the message until the select date and time.
  6. Click Save. The message is saved and displayed.

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To broadcast a system message:

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