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Generating ERC Classes (FSPro)

Fire Behavior Specialists generate ERC classes from the ERC Classes Menu Option when preparing an FSPro analysis, but certain tasks must be completed beforehand. Once these tasks are completed and after ERC classes have been generated, you can complete a variety of other tasks to help you fine tune your selections and better calibrate your run. As you develop skill and competency with the FSPro model, you will learn how to incorporate these additional tasks into your workflow to create better analyses.

Caution: Make sure you save your inputs before you navigate to another page in the application, otherwise your inputs will be lost.

Complete these tasks before you select the ERC Classes page and click the Generate ERC Classes button. If you modify these settings after you generate ERC classes, you must generate ERC classes again and save.

  1. Select a weather station for ERC classes
  2. Select a Date Filter for ERC classes.
  3. Evaluate ERC Correlation Parameters (generally not needed)

After you generate ERC classes, complete these tasks to help fine tune your selections and better calibrate your run:

Not all topics in the above list have help content at this time. Help content will be linked to the above tasks as it becomes available.

When you generate and save ERC classes, WFDSS automatically generates and saves the ERC Stream, which is for the time period specified in the ERC classes' date filter.

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