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Assigning a Shape to a Management Action Point

Only Incident Owners and Editors can assign a shape to a Management Action Point (M.A.P.).

If you want to use a shape file with your M.A.P., you must first either create or upload the shape. When you create and save a shape for a M.A.P. using the Incident Situation page, a popup appears that allows you to associate the shape with a M.A.P.

M.A.P. shapes can be any (or a combination) of the following:

Other criteria include the following:

Note: If you want to be able to associate a shape you've created and saved on the Situation or Analysis map to an M.A.P., you must have your browser's popup blocker turned off.

To assign a shape to a MAP:

  1. From the Incident list, select the incident you want to assign a shape for.
  2. Click Assess Situation. The Incident Situation Map page appears.
  3. Upload or create the shape you want to assign to a MAP.
  4. Choose Menu > Mgmt Action Points. The Management Action Point List page appears.
  5. Select the MAP you want to assign a shape to.
  6. Click Edit. The Edit Management Action Points page appears.
  7. From the Associated Shape drop-down list, select the shape you want to assign to the MAP.
  8. Click Save. The Management Action Point List page reappears, and displays the shape name next to the MAP you assigned it to.
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To assign a shape to a MAP:

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