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Management Action Points

Management Action Points (M.A.P.s) are clearly specified incident conditions that, when reached, prompt a predefined modification to existing fire management actions, or trigger the implementation of new strategies and/or tactics. M.A.P.s are usually spatial, but can also be temporal or otherwise tied to conditions that cannot be conveyed geographically using points, lines, or polygons. Incident conditions defined by M.A.P.s can be related to fire activity, smoke, weather, fuels, calendar dates, resource availability or an combination of any of these (and other) elements. If the incident conditions defined by the M.A.P. are met, timely implementation is generally critical for successful accomplishment of the incident objectives. The use of M.A.P.s is optional.

Examples of M.A.P.s:

Incident Owners or Editors create M.A.P.s on the Mgmt Action Points menu option, located on the left side of the screen within the incident perspective. You can also access the menu option via hyperlink on the Course of Action vertical tab in the Default Decision Editor.

While M.A.P.s are generally incident-specific, some units have pre-planned M.A.P.s for sensitive areas, or reuse M.A.P.s from previous fires in the same area. WFDSS allows you to draw or upload M.A.P.s that have a spatial component and to include the text that describes the predefined conditions, associate management actions, the resources that will be needed and the estimated monetary cost of implementing each M.A.P. on an incident. You can download multiple M.A.P shapes from the Situation map and from the M.A.P menu option.

You can choose to include WFDSS-generated map captures of individual or all M.A.P.s in a decision. The selection, made atop the Mgmt Action Points menu option page, can be changed as needed, and as additional decisions are published and M.A.P.s are updated and/or created.

The following tasks are included in this section:

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Creating Management Action Points (M.A.P.s)

Creating a Management Action Point for a Shape

Assigning a Shape to a Management Action Point

Editing a Management Action Point

Deleting a Management Action Point

Activating a Management Action Point

Excluding a Management Action Point

Versioning a Management Action Point

Annotating a Management Action Point

Downloading Management Action Point (M.A.P.) Shapes

Viewing Management Action Points

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