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Creating Management Action Points (M.A.P.s)

Incident owners or editors can create M.A.P. shapes on the Situation map, and text for M.A.P.s on the Management Action Points menu option. When you create an M.A.P. shape, you will have an opportunity to associate it with new or previously created M.A.P. text. You can also associate the shape with text at a later time, from the Management Action Points menu option. Before setting up an M.A.P., you need the following information:

When creating M.A.P.s, avoid using the point drawing tool and instead use the polygon drawing tool to draw small but visible circles/shapes. Point M.A.Ps are difficult to see in map displays and printed products such as decisions and generally won't be visible on a map when zoomed out beyond 1:50,000.

When one or more M.A.P.s are created, incident owners or editors can choose to include images of individual or all M.A.P.s in a decision. You can change this selection as needed, and as additional decisions are published. You can also change the default map preferences for an incident by selecting how M.A.P.s (all or none) display in the incident default preferences.

To create a M.A.P.:

  1. From the WFDSS Incident List, select the incident you want to create management action points for.
  2. Click View Information. The Edit Incident page appears.
  3. From the left menu, select Mgmt Action Points. The Management Action Point List page appears.
  4. Click Create Management Action Point. The Create Management Action Point page appears.
  5. Accept the displayed MAP number in the text box, or enter one of your own.
  6. Enter an estimated cost for implementing this M.A.P. (You can use the worksheet found in the Related Resources > WFDSS Tools.)
  7. Select a shape to associate with the M.A.P. (See Maps and Shapes for information on creating and uploading shape files.)
  8. Enter a Condition.

    For example, "The fire reaches Black Oak Ridge".

  9. Enter an Action.

    For example, "Close Black Oak road, and evacuate Little Town".

  10. Enter the Resources you need to implement this M.A.P.
  11. Click Save. The M.A.P. is assigned a number and added to the M.A.P. List. The Create Management Action Point page refreshes so that you can create additional M.A.P.s.
  12. If you want to include images of individual or all M.A.P.s in the decision, select one or both Images to Include options atop the page.

Until an M.A.P. is activated, only incident owners and editors can view, edit, or delete it. Once activated, the M.A.P. is no longer editable. Activated M.A.P.s are automatically included in the next decision, unless you actively choose to exclude them.

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