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Excluding a Management Action Point

Only Incident Owners and Editors can exclude a management action point (M.A.P.) from a decision. Excluding an M.A.P. ensures that it will not publish in the next decision. When you exclude an M.A.P. and publish a new decision, excluded M.A.P.s are 'deactivated' and display with dotted lines in map displays.

When you create the M.A.P., it is automatically included in the next decision. However, if you aren't ready to include a M.A.P. in your decision documentation, you can exclude it from the decision.

Once a decision is published, you cannot exclude a M.A.P. from that decision; however, you can version and annotate the M.A.P.

To exclude a MAP:

  1. From the Incident list, select the incident you want to exclude a M.A.P. for.
  2. Click View Situation. The Incident Situation Map appears.
  3. Choose Menu > Mgmt Action Points. The Management Action Points List page appears.
  4. Select the M.A.P you want to exclude from the decision.
  5. Click Exclude. The Included Column for the M.A.P. changes to No.
  6. To include the M.A.P., choose the M.A.P. and then click Include.

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To exclude a M.A.P.:

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