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Terminating an Analysis

Super Analysts and Fire Behavior Specialists can Terminate individual Short Term (STFB), Near Term (NTFB), and FSPro analyses while they are processing using the Terminate button on the Analysis tab. Analysts may terminate an analysis for example, if they no longer need the results of the analysis, determine their inputs were not as desired, or the run is taking longer to process than they can wait. There is limited capacity in the system for analysis therefore if an analyst feels an analysis is a mistake or no longer needed while it is still processing, terminating the run allows other analyzes to move through the system more quickly.

The Terminate button only terminates analyzes that are in a Queued or In Process Status. Analyzes that are Processing Results do not terminate.

Analysts should only click the Terminate button only once. Clicking the button more than once can result in the termination of a subsequent analyzes if the terminated analysis is returned to an assigned state and re-run.Termination of Near Term (NTFB) and Short Term (STFB) analysis happens relatively quickly. The analyst should see the run cease to process in a few minutes time, and the status displays as Canceled. Termination of an FSPro can take longer, and may result in partial results, for example if an FSPro had processed half the fires when it was terminated, results reflect the fires that were simulated before it was terminated.

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