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Analysis for Authors and Editors

Analysis is the core of WFDSS functionality, and several types of analysis are available:

Dispatchers, Authors, Editors, and Incident Owners can run automated BFB and STFB for their incidents. The automated analyses allow very limited manipulation of the parameters, and they are intended to provide a quick view of the situation.

By turning on data layers on the situation assessment map, you can also see some of the adjacent values. If you are concerned about assets in the path of a fire, you may obtain a values inventory from either your Planning Area or from either STFB or NTFB assessments. If you need a more comprehensive assessment of values at risk with probabilities, you can find a Values at Risk (VAR) report in the Results tab of an FSPro analysis.

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In This Section


Running an Automated Basic Fire Behavior (BFB) Analysis

System Generated Basic Fire Behavior Runs

Drawing a Landscape Extent

Running an Automated Short-Term Fire Behavior (STFB) Analysis

Submitting a Fire Behavior Analysis Request

Analysis Notes

Creating an Analysis Note

Viewing Analysis Notes

Importing Analysis Notes

Obtaining a Values Inventory

Values at Risk information

Identifying Values at Risk

Deleting an Analysis

Viewing Analysis Details

Viewing the Landscape for an Analysis

Including Analysis Results in a Decision

See Also

Assessing Analysis Needs

Analysis Setup

Terminating an Analysis

Analysis for Fire Behavior Specialists


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