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Assessing Analysis Needs

The Analysis Map allows Fire Behavior Specialists (FBS) to assess the situation to determine what types of analysis inputs may be appropriate and/or necessary for fire behavior analysis. The mapping tools displayed at the top of the page will help you begin the assessment process. Above the mapping tools is a Bookmark button that allows analysts to save their current map displays so they will be available the next time they login to WFDSS. There is also the option to share any bookmark as a link with other users whose privileges allow them to view the map context.

The Analysis map can only be accessed through a fire behavior analysis from the Analysis perspective. It functions a lot like the Situation and Intelligence maps, in that a user can use mapping tools to create incident and analysis shapes and view the many map layers available in WFDSS.

When a decision for an incident is being reviewed you will not be able to create incident shapes (planning areas, fire perimeters, M.A.P.s or incident obj. shapes) on the Analysis Map, but you will be able to create analysis shapes (analysis ignitions, barriers, landscape masks).

The three tabs on the left of the page contain information relevant to the situation and analysis perspective:

Menu tab. Depending on your user role, you can:

Map tab. Depending on your user role, you can:

Info tab. Depending on your user role ,you can:

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