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Subscribing to Planning Area Notifications

From the account system preferences page, some WFDSS user roles (Viewer, Dispatcher, Author, GA Editor, National Editor, and Data Manager) can subscribe to planning area notifications for one or more units.

When a fire has a pending decision and a planning area is drawn that includes a portion of a unit you've subscribed to (your current unit for example), you will receive an email notification. The notification is querying based on the Unit Fire Planning data. Planning area subscriptions are optional, but intended to help facilitate communication between neighboring units and promote cooperation early in the life of an incident and decision-making process. If you cannot view the draft planning area for the incident and it impacts a unit you have responsibilities for, you may need to coordinate with that incident to be added as an owner, editor, or reviewer.

An email notification is sent if one of the following criteria are met:

A record of emailed notifications is recorded in the incident history. WFDSS users can navigate to the incident history to see when the email notifications were mailed and to whom.

To Subscribe to Planning Area Notifications:

  1. Click My Home > System Preferences. The Home - System Preferences page appears.
  2. Scroll down the page and locate the Subscribe to Planning Area Notifications section.
  3. Use the Geographic Area, Agency and Unit filters to locate and indicate the Unit you want to subscribe to for planning area notifications.
  4. Click Subscribe, and the Unit name will appear in your My Subscriptions list on the right. To unsubscribe, click the Unit name in your My subscriptions list and then click Unsubscribe.
  5. Click Save atop the page, and then click Return.
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