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Changing Your System Preferences

With your WFDSS profile, you can change the following:

Note: You must update your information in both the Production and Training applications. They do not share data.

To change your system preferences:

  1. Login to the appropriate WFDSS application (Production or Training).
  2. Click My Home > System Preferences. The Home - System Preferences page appears.
  3. Enter the number of rows you want to appear per page for ERC Stream and User List data.
  4. Select the Initial Page. This is the first page you will see after logging into the application.
  5. Select the Map Base Layer that you want to use as the default.
  6. Select the Map Layers you want to see when you view the maps.
  7. Select the Units you want to subscribe to for planning area notifications (Production only.) See Subscribing to Planning Area Notifications.
  8. Click Save Preferences.

Your changes are saved and the pages change accordingly.

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To change your system preferences:

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