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spacetopic Field Descriptions
Collapseobook Field Descriptions
   spacetopic Acreage
   spacetopic Activation Date
   spacetopic Analysis Date (BFB, STFB)
   spacetopic Analysis Name
   spacetopic Analysis Start Date (FSPro)
   spacetopic Burn Date
   spacetopic Burn Period
   spacetopic Burn Time (24 hr, hh:mm)
   spacetopic Calendar Year
   spacetopic Conditioning Days
   spacetopic Containment Date
   spacetopic Controlled Date
   spacetopic Crown Fire Activity
   spacetopic Crown Fire Method
   spacetopic Decision Summary
   spacetopic Discovery Date
   spacetopic Discovery Time
   spacetopic End Date
   spacetopic End Hour
   spacetopic Final Fire Perimeter/Incident Size
   spacetopic Fire Behavior Request
   spacetopic FireCode
   spacetopic Flame Length
   spacetopic Foliar Moisture Content (%)
   spacetopic Geographic Area
   spacetopic Group Owner
   spacetopic Ignition File
   spacetopic Image Label
   spacetopic Incident Name
   spacetopic Incident Size
   spacetopic Landscape Data Source
   spacetopic Landscape File (LCP)
   spacetopic Latitude
   spacetopic Local Incident Identifier
   spacetopic Local Number
   spacetopic Longitude
   spacetopic Max Spread Direction
   spacetopic Num of Periods (1-3)
   spacetopic Number of Burn Periods
   spacetopic Number of Fires
   spacetopic Out Date
   spacetopic Owner Name
   spacetopic Periodic Assessment
   spacetopic Point of Origin Responsible Agency Unit Identifier
   spacetopic Shape Date
   spacetopic Shape Label
   spacetopic Shape Type
   spacetopic Source Types
   spacetopic Spot Ignition Delay
   spacetopic Spotting Probability
   spacetopic Start Date
   spacetopic Start Hour
   spacetopic Unique Fire Identifier
   spacetopic Unit ID
   spacetopic Unit Name
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