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Expandcbook Field Descriptions
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Collapseobook Glossary of Terms
   spacetopic 1 hr fuel moisture
   spacetopic 10 hr fuel moisture
   spacetopic account
   spacetopic accuracy
   spacetopic action items
   spacetopic advanced decision editor
   spacetopic analysis area
   spacetopic analysis ignition
   spacetopic area
   spacetopic arrival time
   spacetopic artificial season
   spacetopic aspect theme
   spacetopic asynchronous
   spacetopic attribute
   spacetopic autocorrelation
   spacetopic barrier
   spacetopic Basic Fire Behavior
   spacetopic BEHAVE
   spacetopic BehavePlus
   spacetopic benefits
   spacetopic Boolean logic
   spacetopic buffer
   spacetopic building cluster points
   spacetopic buildings
   spacetopic burn probability
   spacetopic cadastral data
   spacetopic canopy base height theme (CBH)
   spacetopic canopy bulk density theme (CBD)
   spacetopic canopy cover theme
   spacetopic clearinghouse
   spacetopic constraints, land management
   spacetopic coordinate system
   spacetopic coordinates
   spacetopic course of action
   spacetopic critical infrastructure (CI)
   spacetopic data
   spacetopic data element
   spacetopic database
   spacetopic dataset
   spacetopic datum
   spacetopic dead fuel moisture
   spacetopic default decision editor
   spacetopic DEM
   spacetopic department
   spacetopic desired condition
   spacetopic digital elevation model (DEM)
   spacetopic discovery size
   spacetopic dispatch location
   spacetopic elevation
   spacetopic elevation theme
   spacetopic Energy Release Component
   spacetopic enterprise data
   spacetopic EROS
   spacetopic escaped prescribed fire
   spacetopic ESRI
   spacetopic Event Coverage Report
   spacetopic FAMWEB
   spacetopic FARSITE
   spacetopic feature
   spacetopic Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC)
   spacetopic Fire Behavior Specialist (FBS) & Super Analyst
   spacetopic fire containment time
   spacetopic fire management
   spacetopic fire management plan (FMP)
   spacetopic fire management unit (FMU)
   spacetopic fire management unit constraint
   spacetopic fire manager
   spacetopic fire perimeter
   spacetopic fire planning
   spacetopic fire probability
   spacetopic fire progression
   spacetopic fire severity
   spacetopic fire spread model
   spacetopic Fire Spread Probability (FSPro)
   spacetopic fire suppression organization
   spacetopic fire type
   spacetopic fireline intensity
   spacetopic FlamMap
   spacetopic FlamMap
   spacetopic FlamMap Minimum Travel Time (MTT)
   spacetopic fuel model theme
   spacetopic fuel moisture conditioning
   spacetopic geodatabase
   spacetopic geographic area coordination center (GACC)
   spacetopic Geographic Area Editor
   spacetopic geographic coordinate system (GCS)
   spacetopic geographic information systems (GIS)
   spacetopic georeference
   spacetopic geospatial data
   spacetopic GIS data standards
   spacetopic global positioning system (GPS)
   spacetopic grid weather
   spacetopic growing season index (GSI)
   spacetopic Heat per Unit Area
   spacetopic herbaceous fuel moisture
   spacetopic highly valued resource
   spacetopic histogram
   spacetopic hourly records (weather)
   spacetopic inbrief
   spacetopic incident cause
   spacetopic incident objectives
   spacetopic incident requirements
   spacetopic initial attack
   spacetopic initial response (IR)
   spacetopic intensity
   spacetopic Jurisdictional Agency
   spacetopic land management objectives
   spacetopic Land/Resource Management Plan (L/RMP)
   spacetopic landscape critique
   spacetopic landscape extent
   spacetopic landscape mask
   spacetopic large fire
   spacetopic latest perimeter size
   spacetopic layer
   spacetopic LayerSwitcher
   spacetopic legend
   spacetopic lines
   spacetopic live fuel moisture
   spacetopic major paths
   spacetopic management action point (M.A.P.)
   spacetopic Management Requirement
   spacetopic management requirement shapes
   spacetopic map
   spacetopic map extent
   spacetopic map projection
   spacetopic map scale
   spacetopic max degree of fit
   spacetopic max lag
   spacetopic metadata
   spacetopic National Digital Forecast Database
   spacetopic National Fire Danger Rating System (NFDRSO
   spacetopic National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse (NGDC)
   spacetopic National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI)
   spacetopic National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG)
   spacetopic non-federal partners
   spacetopic North American Datum 1983
   spacetopic Number of Days
   spacetopic objective, incident
   spacetopic objective, management
   spacetopic organizational unit
   spacetopic parcel
   spacetopic P-Code
   spacetopic pixel
   spacetopic planning area
   spacetopic point
   spacetopic point of origin
   spacetopic polygon
   spacetopic prescribed fire
   spacetopic production rate
   spacetopic projection
   spacetopic protection boundary
   spacetopic Public Land Survey System (PLSS)
   spacetopic published decision
   spacetopic pumping minutes
   spacetopic quadrangle
   spacetopic raster data
   spacetopic rate of spread
   spacetopic Remote Automated Weather Station (RAWS)
   spacetopic remote sensing
   spacetopic representative weather station
   spacetopic resolution
   spacetopic scale
   spacetopic severity
   spacetopic shaded relief image
   spacetopic shapefile
   spacetopic Short-Term Fire Behavior
   spacetopic slope theme
   spacetopic solar radiation
   spacetopic spatial
   spacetopic spatial analysis
   spacetopic spatial data
   spacetopic spatial modeling
   spacetopic spatial query area
   spacetopic stand height theme
   spacetopic standards
   spacetopic state plane coordinate system (SPCS)
   spacetopic status bar
   spacetopic strategic objective shapes
   spacetopic Strategic Objectives
   spacetopic Stratified Cost Index (SCI)
   spacetopic structure
   spacetopic suppression
   spacetopic Surface Management Agency (SMA)
   spacetopic tabular data
   spacetopic tactical objective
   spacetopic themes
   spacetopic time series
   spacetopic topography
   spacetopic topology
   spacetopic Training System
   spacetopic universal polar stereographic (UPS)
   spacetopic universal transverse Mercator (UTM)
   spacetopic values
   spacetopic Values at Risk
   spacetopic Values Inventory
   spacetopic vector data
   spacetopic vertical datum
   spacetopic WFDSS
   spacetopic WFDSS Basic Fire Behavior
   spacetopic WFDSS jurisdicational unit at point of origin
   spacetopic WFDSS Production System
   spacetopic WFDSS Short Term Fire Behavior
   spacetopic wildfire
   spacetopic wildland fire
   spacetopic wildland fire use
   spacetopic wildland urban interface (WUI)
   spacetopic WindNinja
   spacetopic woody fuel moisture
   spacetopic Heat per Unit Area
   spacetopic incident cause
   spacetopic max degree of fit
   spacetopic max lag
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