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WFDSS Decision

WFDSS is the system of record for creating, compiling, and publishing a decision related to wildland fire incidents. The WFDSS Decision ensures that a fire incident is managed using the latest science, relative risk assessments, and fire model data. Incident owners create a pending decision using the WFDSS application when an incident escapes initial attack, grows significantly in cost and/or resource use, or requires a new course of action. The Decision is reviewed and approved for each incident by designated reviewers and approvers. When a decision is approved it is a Published Decision.

The Decision includes information about the following:

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In This Section


Creating a Pending Decision

Creating and Publishing a Decision

About the Text Editor

Editing a Decision

Copy a Published Decision

Creating Draft Decisions and Reports

Adding Text to a Decision

Copying/Pasting Text into a Decision

Adding an Image to a Decision

Adding Incident Content to a Decision Using the Advanced Decision Editor

Adding FMUs manually to Incident FMUs

Including Analysis Results in a Decision

Including WFDSS-generated M.A.P. Images in a Decision

Restoring Decision Content to a Previous Version

Viewing Decision Information

Downloading an Incident KMZ File for a Pending Decision

Downloading an Incident KMZ File for a Published Decision

Viewing KMZ Files

Beginning the Review/Approval Process for an Incident Decision

Publishing a Decision (for Incident Owners)

See Also

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Downloading Periodic Assessment History

Downloading Published Decisions and Reports


Field Descriptions

Glossary Resources

Spatial Data Reference

Landscape Data Source Reference

Relative Risk Reference

Organization Assessment Reference

Fire Behavior Reference

About the WFDSS Decision Editors