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Fire Management Unit (FMU) or Strategic Objective (SO) Codes

Each unit and agency has its own nomenclature for Fire Management Unit (FMU) or Strategic Objective (SO) codes. FMU or SO codes are identifiers in the attribute tables for Fire Management Units or Strategic Objective shape layers, and are used to link spatial data to the Strategic Objective and Management Requirement text entered by Data Managers in the Data Management perspective. FMU codes are used by the FMU planning process and SO codes are used in SFP.

Data Managers for each administrative unit are responsible for ensuring that the current FMU or SO spatial data for their unit is provided to the WFDSS Data Team Contact. Unlike FMU planning where spatial data is optional, SFP requires the use of spatial data and each SO code must be associated with a shape. FMU codes can be entered manually or submitted with a FMU spatial data layer. SO codes are automatically activated when the Strategic Objective spatial data layer is loaded into WFDSS and cannot be manually entered. This is also the only way SO codes can be activated. Once activated, Data Managers can modify the text associated with codes or delete codes. SO Codes themselves cannot be edited. The online help contains a variety of information to help you better understand FMU or SO Codes, or to learn how to filter, set up, activate, deactivate or delete FMU and SO codes. WFDSS Geospatial Data Standards also contain valuable information about developing the FMU or SO shape layer for a unit and its corresponding codes.

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