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Unit Fire Planning Map Layers

Unit Fire Planning Layers, available on all WFDSS map displays, contain data layers pertinent to fire planning that include administrative Unit outlines and Unit Shapes. The administrative units included within the immediate map display dictate which administrative unit’s planning shapes are listed in the LayerSwitcher and are available for viewing in the map display. Available layers for each administrative unit include:

These data layers spatially depict the planning intent from the overarching administrative unit’s Land, Resource, and Fire Management Plans.

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Data Management Overview

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Entering Strategic Objectives and Management Requirements

Filtering FMU or SO Codes

Setting up FMU or SO Codes

Activating an FMU or SO Code

Editing FMU or SO Codes

Deactivating an FMU or SO Code

Deleting FMU or SO Codes

Viewing Strategic Objectives

Viewing Data Management Change History

Data Management Filters

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Exporting, Importing, or Deleting Planning Processes


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