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Viewing the Landscape for an Analysis

Once you create a landscape file for an analysis, you can view it on the Analysis and View Landscape map displays to verify that the LCP Editor Rules you applied to the landscape are working correctly. Select each layer separately to view the effects on that layer. Above the mapping tools is a Bookmark button that allows Dispatchers, Authors, and Editors to save their current map settings on the Analysis map so they will be available the next time they login to WFDSS. There is also the option to share any bookmark as a link with other users whose privileges allow them to view the map context.

By adding the spatial layer Active Planning Area in the System Preferences tab, you can also display nearby active planning areas on the Analysis map.

To view the landscape:

  1. Choose Analysis > select name of analysis you want to view the Landscape file for > click View Information > click View Landscape or Analysis map. (Both map displays will enable viewing of a landscape file.) A map display opens.
  2. Locate, and then open, the Landscape layers in the LayerSwitcher.
  3. If necessary, zoom in to better view the layer details.
  4. Turn attribute layers on and off to view specific information about the landscape file. Histograms and legends are available for each landscape attribute. This information can also be viewed from the Results map, if Results exist for an analysis.

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To view the landscape file:

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