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Capturing Map Images as Landscape-Oriented Reports

Users can generate quick landscape-oriented reports for images captured map displays. When you capture an image, you must name it and provide a brief description of what the image contains. If you provide a Report Name in addition, two things will occur when you click Capture Image:

Reports created this way are landscape-oriented and contain only the image you captured, unless you choose to customize the report and add additional text or images. Reports are editable in WFDSS until published, but can be downloaded and shared as .pdfs at any time.

Landscape-oriented reports display larger map images than decisions (decisions are portrait-oriented) and can help you quickly share maps that contain timely and critical information like fire behavior analysis outputs, names and locations of M.A.P.s, etc.

You can capture images without creating reports, but you can't create a report without also entering an image label and capturing the image.

To capture map images as landscape-oriented reports:

  1. Go to one of the following:
  1. Click Linked PNG template to capture the image. For the best image view, do not use full screen mode to capture the image unless you want the image compressed to fit the .pdf format.
  2. Enter the Image Label and any appropriate Description.
  3. Enter the Report Name not using any special characters except an apostrophe or backslash.
  4. Click Capture Image.A message saying that the application is generating a report containing that image appears at the top of the page.
  5. Select Reports from the Incident sub-menu. A few seconds after capturing the image, the report name displays in the Report List.
  6. Click the report name in the Report List and click .PDF. The Report Daft PDF page appears.
  7. Click Download Draft to review the draft report.
  8. Click Open on the file download box. The draft .pdf report opens in landscape mode.
  9. Add text to the image using the Text Editor if needed.
  10. Click Save to save the changes when you are done.

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To capture map images as landscape-oriented reports

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