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Creating Draft Decisions and Reports

Incident Editors and Owners can create a draft .PDF copy of a decision or section of a decision, and individual reports. Once created, draft documents can be downloaded, saved and/or printed. The PDF can later be shared in hard copy or soft copy form as needed.

The WFDSS application maintains a single .PDF draft copy of a decision or section of a decision, or a report before it is published. If a draft .PDF is already available when you click Create Draft, the application deletes the already existing draft .PDF. Also, when a draft .pdf exists when you click Publish Decision or Publish Report, the application deletes the existing draft .PDF.

An entry is posted to the Decision History file every time the application generates a new decision or report .PDF draft. The Decision History can be accessed by clicking View Info on the Decisions page.

To create draft decisions:

  1. From the Incident List, select the Incident for which you want to create a draft decision or report > Click View Information.
  2. Click Decision or Reports. The Decision List or the Reports List page appears.
  3. Click the radio button next to the decision, section of a decision or report for which you want to create a draft .pdf.
  4. Click PDF. The Decision Draft PDF or the Report Draft PDF page appears.
  5. Click:
    1. Create Draft to create the .pdf. A status message appears at the top of the screen. The .pdf is being processed. If the decision or report has a lot of images and text, this may take a few minutes.
    2. Download Draft. The download box appears where you can directly open or save the .pdf document that you just created.
    3. Return and return to the Decision List or Reports List page.

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